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Monacoin purchases used since monacoin 2013 are being considered by many users and the safest address for this will always be  Thodex.

The Thodex platform is easy to use for monacoin buying and selling. Protected  by a two-stage security system that is in accordance with international standards, this platform stands out among cryptocurrency exchanges thanks to its advantageous features. In order to take action on the platform, it is first required to create a membership. This membership is divided into individual and corporate memberships. Individual memberships will be prompted to have all the information, including the TC  id number, in real order. Corporate memberships need additional information such as tax plate and company name.

What is Monacoin?

Developed in Japan and the first alternative cryptocurrency,   monacoin  is expressed as a distributed payment system rather than connected to a single organization. This currency is protected by applications running on all users’ computers. Monacoin, also known as an open source peer-to-peer  payment source,   originally emerged as Litecoin’s  hard  forku.  Especially in Japan, this cryptocurrency has become extremely popular. Mining can be done for monacoin as well  as in other cryptocurrencies. For this, access to all necessary and useful information via Thodex  is possible. Every transaction from here is protected by high-level security measures.

Monacoin Trading with Thodex

With Thodex, monacoin trading can be handled both reliably and in a short period of time. There are no time restrictions for investment transactions from here, and trading can be made for twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Thanks to uninterrupted fast support on the platform, all users can get answers to their questions in a short time. Having a comfortable and understandable median platform will make it easier to trade monacoin.  The price alarm feature on the platform provides an advantage for users.

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